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SC - Hirano “Ruins” Haruhi: “We Can’t Stand To Watch Her!”

Source Sankaku Complex: 'Haruhi fans are angrily complaining that they can no longer imagine the eponymous egomaniac as being a virginal maiden with the knowledge of scandal seiyuu Aya Hirano’s slatternly antics.
They explain their objections to a “carnivorous” seiyuu with a relaxed attitude to hiding this fact from fans: '

Quelle: SC


    “Well, if Kadokawa do a third season of Haruhi I hope they announce a new Haruhi or this seiyuu scandal will ruin it.

    Honestly, I really did like Aya Hirano, but now I can’t watch Haruhi any more with her image being what it is…”

    “Then don’t watch it.”

    “Even if you hate the seiyuu, there’s no need to hate the work or the character.”

    “This will definitely affect Haruhi. We may not see any more movies or a new series thanks to it.”

    “It won’t affect it. KyoAni have their hands full for some time with Nichijou and K-ON! When they get to Haruhi everyone will have forgotten this stuff.”

    “The idiots saying there will be no effect – just look at all the announcers sacked for far more trivial reasons. I hope they change Haruhi’s seiyuu soon. The effect on her image is terrible. I can’t stand watching her whilst recalling that face.”

    “With this incident, there is no more Aya Hirano. Her effect on the image of anime she appears in will be too bad.”

    “You can’t deny she has ruined Haruhi’s image. She’s ruined the whole anime!”

    “It’s time to change the seiyuu. Even if there is a third season, nobody will be able to enjoy it listening to her voice.”

    “Haruhi is not Aya Hirano. Who cares if she voices her. Stop making a fuss about it.”

    “If they change Haruhi they had better change the whole cast.”

    “Aya Hirano is finished, it’s impossible. This has wrecked the image of all her anime roles.”

    “If they dump her, the ones who can’t stand her and left will come back, and the new seiyuu will bring her own fans – wonderful.”

    “They can’t change the seiyuu now! What the hell do you retarded seiyuu fans expect from a seiyuu anyway…”

    “I like Haruhi and her voice. Who cares who plays her. I don’t know anything about any Aya Hirano.”

    “Who cares about this scandal anyway.”

    “I’d rather they find a new producer…”

    “It’s not like she committed a crime. If they change her, it’d be like negating all her characters – I wouldn’t wish to see that.”

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